About the publisher and webmaster

Dr. Leonard Sowah is an internal medicine physician licensed in Maryland.  He has worked in the state of Maryland for more than 10 yrs and has experience working in different parts of the state. He has worked in urban and suburban Maryland as well as experience in some rural Maryland counties. His hobbies are traveling, hiking and biking.

He uses this blog to express his views on healthcare and other public policy issues. Individuals interested in contributing their work to this site are always welcome. Send your stories and essays to anangsowah@gmail.com for review with a subject “Blog article”. All accepted articles would be edited prior to posting.


Why I started blogging

As a physician and teacher I realize that the best way to better healthcare is to educate patients. My blogs while usually appropriate for healthcare personnel is to assist ordinary individuals navigate problems and issues that may have health consequences. I encourage my readers to feel free to send comments, questions and requests to my mailbox from the contact page.

I write about public policy issues because I recognise the health impact of some of these policies. I do realise that I may not always explain the links between these policies and health in my posts. I am however always ready to answer any questions on this on any ideas expounded in my posts.