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The war on drugs; who won that war?

I first saw her in my clinic seeking care for HIV but when we first met like most patients with her medical condition she was not an ideal patient. The decision to start her on ART Antiretroviral therapy in those days when the only single tablet regimen was Atripla (Tenofovir/Emtrictabine/Efavirenz) was not an easy one […]

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Why STARBUCKS does not need to apologize to African Americans

After more than 2 centuries of slavery progress towards equity and equality has always been challenging for African Americans, progress always seems to be followed by significant periods or retrogression.  This situation can sometimes leave most black people wondering if progress towards racial equality was really worth the effort. The election of President Trump in-spite […]

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Global elimination of Hepatitis C, is it achievable with current available technology ?

Hepatitis C is a global disease with an estimated prevalence rate of about 2.8% worldwide. There are however significant variations in the prevalence rate by country with most low and middle income countries bearing the bulk of the disease burden. Countries with the highest Hepatitis C prevalence ≥5% include Egypt 4.4-15.0%, Gabon 4.9-11.2%, Uzbekistan 11.3%, […]

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Personally I cannot say when I had my first drink because I believe I was just too young to remember. I believe I must have been three or four years old then because it was definitely before I went to any sort of school.   My grandmother who was very influential in my early life believed […]