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Of Fairy tales and the Big Steel Wall on the Southern Border – By Dr. Yaw Berko

In turbulent times like this, I am reminded of Shithole folklore in which the frog laments why it has to suffer whenever the lizard eats pepper! This is how the lizard’s song goes; “I don’t want any troubles, and so I mind my own business, so why should my ass burn and my eyes weep when […]

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What can the Saudi Crown Prince learn from Russell Bell?

As any self respecting Baltimore resident I sometimes see business deals in terms of street culture. I must admit though that I am no expert in street culture however a conversation that I had with a Baltimore Street homeboy who claims to have personally known the real Nathan “Bodie” Barksdale the inspiration for the street […]

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Growing up in Ghana towards the end of the 20th century, Africa to most Americans and “sh*thole” as Trump would say the environment under which we lived was one of that was very much carved by the impact of European imperialist culture.  Most Africans irrespective of religious persuasion have a non-African name which identifies them with […]