Of Fairy tales and the Big Steel Wall on the Southern Border – By Dr. Yaw Berko

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In turbulent times like this, I am reminded of Shithole folklore in which the frog laments why it has to suffer whenever the lizard eats pepper!
This is how the lizard’s song goes;
“I don’t want any troubles, and so I mind my own business, so why should my ass burn and my eyes weep when the lizard eats pepper?
It’s eerily similar to what happened to some government workers over the past four weeks;
  • Being punished even as they worked
  • Denied their wages for something that Mexico was supposed to pay for

Why is Mexico off the hook for a wall that they were supposed to “pay for without knowing.”

Boys play pranks around, climbing the border wall between Mexico and the US in Ciudad Juarez
Now I come from Shithole territory! In as much as Shithole citizens have fallen prey to aloof promises by Shithole politicians, I have no iota of doubt that if ever a Shithole politician promised to build a wall and let another country pay for it, 100% of us shitholers will say;
“Get the fuck out of our sight, what do you take us for?”
Which makes me wonder how on earth such a story could old sway in a country such as the United States. How could so many well educated people fall for this con that in someway somehow Mexico was going to pay for a wall that benefited America?
Was this a case of Lincoln’s posit centuries ago that?
“You can fool some of the people all the time, and all of the people some of the time” or could there be something more sinister going on?
The analyst in me kept ruminating and came up with a possible explanation! Fairy tales! Yes, your heard right Fairytales!
I am beginning to think that maybe the fairy tales told to American kids somehow is leading to belief in more fairy tales as adults!
To begin with is there really a tooth fairy who magically puts a crisp dollar note under the pillow when a child loses a tooth?!
Anyway, I am still wondering how cheap or smart that fairy must be because hard as one may try there is no-way you can make more that a few dollars from that stingy fairy.
More intriguing is the concept of the “Elf on the Shelf.” Where an elf magically appears on a shelf at home weeks before Christmas! The elf then writes secret letters to the kids and the elf moves around the house every now and then insofar as no one touches it! Well, guess what! I took mine and stuffed it in a box which caused panic and cries from my kids but I had rather teach world reality than believe in such fairy tales!
The greatest of these fairy tales is Santa! This fat man dressed in red and white attire rides a reindeer which parks on the roof of every home! This big fat old man then maneuvers his way down a chimney to deliver kids wishes of gifts every year! And when you find the gifts on the floor and remind the kids’ money was used to buy these presents, they then display their full irresponsibility by retorting “well you did not buy it, Santa did.” To which I say back bullshit!
A New‐Year’s Present, to the Little Ones from Five to Twelve – A painting by an unknown artist (1821)
So as we continue to believe in fairy tales that immigrants are coming from everywhere to take our jobs, maim and rape our women and depend on the American government for everything, let us remind ourselves that the enemy within is much bigger than our fantasies without!
For as Newt Greenwich once said in his op-ed
On Fox New site “In our hyper-polarized environment, it is becoming clear that many people assume that if the other side is losing, their side must be winning. But if the result is a world in which truth and facts do not matter, getting anything accomplished will be impossible.”
Thanks for taking the time to read and ponder on these issues with me.
Love and Shalom!

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