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About three years ago I posted a photo of myself wearing my biking gear on facebook and was aghast with horror when one of my old classmates made a comment on the size of my belly. Well it is three years and that belly is still resisting all my efforts to crash it into a fatty grave. Prior to the time of its appearance my response to any comments on my ever increasing weight was “it is all muscle”.  Well that comment pushed me into facing reality; muscle does not usually give your a paunch. I have since declared war on this new addition to my physical profile.  Unfortunately the battles fought in this war appear to be getting harder and harder to win as the years go by. Currently I do not know if I should throw in the towel or change my strategy. I have logged many miles on my indoor and road bike that could easily carry me across the US but I am still carrying this unwanted burden.

On the boardwalk in Ocean City, Maryland, May 11th, 2013
On the boardwalk in Ocean City Maryland in May 2013 getting ready to start Ride for the Feast 2013

Whilst considering all this I know that even if I change my strategy I would still continue to ride because I love riding and also cannot afford to miss doing RIDE FOR THE FEAST to raise money for my favorite charity Moveable Feast. Since the year 2011, the second weekend in May has been a special time for me. My first ride was the most memorable because after riding 104 miles from Ocean City to Wye Mills on the Eastern Shore of Maryland my muscles went into perpetual spasm.  I was on the verge of giving up on the second day of the ride which was another 36 miles from Arnold in Anne Arundel County into Baltimore City, the victory lap. Fortunately after struggling for several hours my muscles finally relaxed and I had a very refreshing night in a sleeping bag in the Gym at Chesapeake College. Well that is how it all started and today after 6 such rides I am training again for my 7th Ride For the Feast.

My team
Training for Ride For the Feast 2017 with my team members near Annapolis

May is my ride for the feast month and I do the ride on the second week. I usually celebrate my birthday a week or so later. I must confess though that by far my best celebration is ride for the feast and not my birthday.  The one reason why I enjoy this ride so much is that I get to do something that I love doing whilst helping people who are less fortunate that I am. Moveable Feasts, the mission that organizes ride for the feast has been providing free home delivered meals for breast cancer and HIV patients for more than 25 years. In 2016 Moveable Feast prepared and delivered over 815,000 meals to more than 5,000 clients. Moveable Feast also provides a valuable medical transportation service, making sure clients get to vital medical appointments. Additionally, they have a Culinary Training Program, not only teaching students the fundamentals of working in a kitchen, but also important life skills they can utilize outside of the kitchen.

After more than 6 years supporting this charity, this year I am experiencing some donor fatigue and the fact that I have to raise money for my 30 year high school reunion in Cape Coast, Ghana means that my focus is split.  As if that is not enough my Medical school class which is officially the class of 1997 but graduated in 1998 on account of a University Faculty Strike in 1994 decided this was the best time for a home coming celebration. Well, when it does rain it pours so something had to give and unfortunately my Medical School Homecoming has fallen by the wayside. So overall 2017, is going to be a busy year for me.

Classrooms and Assembly Hall in Mfantsipim School
Classrooms and Assembly Hall in my Alma Matter, Mfantsipim School, Cape Coast, Ghana

To my medical school classmates, I want you to know that honoring the gracious and hardworking faculty that helped train us to be who we are today is just as important to me as all my other causes. When it comes to making this choice I had to pick where I could make the most impact and poor Maryland patients and high school students in one of Ghana’s oldest school won the battle.   Readers and friends I cannot ask for you to assist me with my growing paunch or pot belly as we call it in Ghana but I ask that you assist me with a generous donation to the cause you want to assist me with.  With your help I can focus on my personal battle with my fatty parasite and hopefully get my 6 pack back.


To donate to Moveable Feast please follow the link below.

Follow the link to donate to my moveable feast ride

To donate to my Mfantsipim School 1987 Year Group follow this link

Follow the to donate to Mfantsipim School Old Boys Association 1987 group




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