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Homelessness and Inequality Across the US

In a recent news article I read about disputes in the city of San Francisco over the location of a shelter for the homeless. As a physician who started his career in the United States working for Healthcare for the Homeless in Baltimore, Maryland this issue is not alien to me. Whilst services for the […]

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Shithole Folklore: The Tortoise the rope plant and the beautiful bird, by Dr. Yaw Berko

In Election year 2016, forty-two percent of Americans did not vote, a significant proportion of them like myself were recent immigrants from “shithole” countries! I guess most of them believed their votes won’t matter or sway anything here in the United States of America! Before they make any such fatal decisions not to vote on […]

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Thinking Outside The Box When There is No Box

I have been very lucky when it come to religious education. I grew up in the Anglican Church; actually my elementary education was in a school affiliated with the Church. In those days we would all march to the church on Ash Wednesday to get the grey black crosses on our foreheads after school assembly. […]

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The Holy Trinity, American Democracy, Zero Tolerance Nonsense and Hell goers!!

I lived with my single mother for the first 10 years of my life. At age ten I was distraught when my mother suggested I had to go live with my father because I needed a father figure to look up to! To ease my stay with my dad I had to spend some vacation […]