The Holy Trinity, American Democracy, Zero Tolerance Nonsense and Hell goers!!

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I lived with my single mother for the first 10 years of my life. At age ten I was distraught when my mother suggested I had to go live with my father because I needed a father figure to look up to! To ease my stay with my dad I had to spend some vacation days with him, but when the final move day arrived, I cried like a baby! My mother cried as well and I could tell she had doubts on this decision! So I can’t even imagine what the the kids affected by the callous Trump administration Family Separation Policy felt like. On account of my prior experience I do sympathize with the children and families affected!

My move to my father was the second time I had  made my mom cry. The first time, I had pestered her with so many questions, she cried out of frustration. My questioning continued up on to boarding school. One time I got caned for asking the Geography teacher this question, “what if there was a river that flowed from the sea up valleys into a mountain? He thought I asked the question in jest so he caned me because I was full of buffoonery back then! To this day just like some Republicans believe that Obama is a secret Moslem and was born somewhere in Africa, I still believe there is a river that flows up a mountain: we just haven’t discovered it yet!

My inquisitive mind kept going even at the time of my confirmation into the Methodist  church! I just could not grasp the concept of the Holy Trinity, three people in one, all being God, with all 3 having the same authority. At that time I felt that at least God the Son and God the Holy Spirit should be subservient to God the Father, Almighty! In the end Rev Quansah said I had to accept it as a matter of faith or I cannot be confirmed! Confirmants in those days we’re blessed with parental visits and home made food, a rarity in boarding school in those days, so I acquiesced!

Similarly I have been confused by the US government composition and constitution which states that the three branches of government are separate and equal and are supposed to act as checks and balances against each other! Historically that is not true as evidenced by what happened in the case of Worcester vs Georgia. After the Supreme Court ruled against Georgia, President Andrew Jackson remarked “Chief Justice John Marshall has made his ruling, let him enforce it.” He then used the military to remove the Native Americans from their land in what is now known as “Trail of tears.”

Cherokees of northern Georgia being evicted out of their lands after President Andrew Jackson supported the State against a Supreme Court verdict in favor of the Cherokee people

So I ask, how  will a judge who rules that kids separated from their parents be reunited within 2 weeks, how will that judge enforce her ruling. All she can do is hold HHS and Homeland Secretary “ in contempt of court” after which the president will pardon them. So it is quite clear that the president holds all the trump cards in this so-called democracy of ours!

Which brings me to this “zero tolerance” bullshit! Anyone who thinks separating kids from their parents, will be a deterrent to people from Third World countries has had the the luxury of living in pure ignorance and abundance of resources! Between PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and certain death, people from Third World countries will choose PTSD! A better “zero tolerance” policy would be to shoot the kids with their parents firing squad style right at the newly built Trump border wall. That would be a better deterrent because after all, of what use is it to travel 3000 miles only to come  to your eventual death when you could have died at your home! Like we say back home “all die be die.”

In all of this brouhaha, the one thing that drives me nuts is the loss of records as to which kids belong to which parents! Can you believe this happening in 2018, in America, in the era of Information Technology? Whereas we have documents dating way back into 1930 which states that ancestors of Stephen Miller and Tomi Lahren, pure Trump supporters who insist on every immigrant speaking English before coming to America, whose ancestors never spoke a word of English decades after they immigrated into the United States.

I have no qualms with people who insist on hardline immigration policy towards refugees and other people fleeing from persecution! I do however have issues with people who quote the Bible to justify such bullshit.

Just like Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, there is a special place in hell for such people!

By Kim Jong Um Scaramucci!

A physician providing primary medical care to patients across the lifespan