Alleged Fake Racist Attacks and Other Matters ? By Dr. Yaw Berko

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Right after the elections of Barack Obama, the first Black president of the United States, I heard lots of people including some TV analysts declare that America has entered a “post-racial” era where one’s skin colour did not determine his destiny!

With my usual shithole sceptism; I could not help but wonder how such declarations could be made so quickly! Well, when it comes to real social black credentials, Barack is as black as they come. Surely, no husband of Michelle Robinson could be accused of being an Oreo cookie. Barack, however did not have the typical African American experience! I still believe being raised in a tropical paradise like Hawaii by white grandparents and his Ivy League education already set him aside from most US blacks.

Obama’s first term quickly ushered us into what I call buyer’s remorse with the sudden rise of the Tea Party Movement and subsequently the racist “birther controversy” the coat tails of which our current Emperor rose to the presidency of the United States!

Since he started his campaign and following his ascendancy to the White House, statistics by the Southern Poverty Law Centre has shown a 30% increase in the numbers of hate groups across the country. It was therefore no surprise to me when the head of the government declared that “White Supremacists” chanting “Jews will not replace us” were “fine people” on the other side!

White Supremacist Protesters in University of Virginia, Charlottesville VA, August 11, 2017

I have several times myself pointed out obscure 911 calls made by various people to cops when they see black people do normal regular things as other human beings!

It appears that racism has become so fashionable that even black people are faking their own racist acts! Congratulations to Justin Smollet for staging his own alleged racist assault! Since that fake incident, allegedly I might add, I have observed with rapt attention how various people have reacted to the incident, with emphasis on the alleged incident, please!

First of all, if you are going to stage your own racist attack using a noose, please don’t use the white name, Justin! Whatever happened to Tayshaun, DeeRay,  Deandre or other typical African American names! And of all the plots that one could have imagined, he chose Subway at 2 AM! Which begs the question why is Subway, yes fucking Subway opened at 2 AM at all? That shit should be illegal!

Now other conservative outlets have also questioned the relevance of other reported racist attacks as being bogus! It’s like saying because Ryan Lochte reported a bogus robbery attack at the Rio Olympic Games then all reported robberies in Brazil are a hoax! Or yet still after one false rape claim, all other rapes are false! That assumption is pure fuckery, to put it mildly!

In his reported statement to the police, Mr. Smollett is alleged to have told the cops that his attackers shouted: “this is MAGA country.” Please understand this! President Trump may be racist, it does not make all his supporters racist! Sure he appeals to White Supremacist but other friends of yours who voted for Trump voted their interests and care nothing about yours! And you can’t blame them because they are not missionaries or Jesus Christ for that matter! Wearing MAGA apparel as I do sometimes does not make me a Trump Supporter, I wear it as a fashion statement!

Kanye, in his MAGA hat

I will like to congratulate the Chicago Police Department for the yeoman’s job they did in their investigations! One can only wish they will apply such judicious diligence when black lives are taken on a daily basis on the streets of Chicago! If they can watch videos all over the Chicago and even review private doorbell videos of people in Chicago to get to those two shitholes, why can’t they apply the same strategy to catch the gangsters killing Chicago kids on a daily basis?

Finally, as one who has promised himself not to be outdone in matters of buffoonery and nonsense, I have sworn to fake my own racist attack! I am going to fake my capture as a slave! Here is how it will roll out! Mind you it will all be cash transactions!

I will fly over to my home country of Gold Coast! Whilst there looking for coconut juice by the coast I shall be abducted and sold to slave traders in Elmina Castle! I shall then be transferred across the unsinkable boat called ‘The Shitanic’ which will dock at the port of New Orleans. When sold in the US I shall sail aboard a boat on the Mississippi to Minnesota where I shall be sold again to a slave master in Wisconsin! I have all the players in place except a slave master here in the United States!

My slave name will be Kunta Kinte! My mode of communication will be Middle Age English language like “Sir, Kunta be good to you, is you okay?” I will offer free labour like my ancestors did serval centuries here in America!

So if you are a white farmer looking for free labour to prepare your land for spring and the above sounds interesting to you, hit me and let’s get the ball rolling!

Yours truly

Kunta Kinte


A physician providing primary medical care to patients across the lifespan