How Do We Get Together to Conquer Our Problems?, By Dr. Leonard Sowah

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In the US and across the world things can appear very chaotic nowadays and many have expressed concern over the nature of the divisive political rhetoric in Washington. The attempts at impeachment of Trump Administration has not helped this situation in any manner and only served to rev things up a few notches.

The question on the minds of most people is how long the dysfunction in our political climate can last without any adverse impact on our long-term economic and sociopolitical alliances? I would say that; there is no easy answer to that question.

The US as a country has always functioned under strive and struggles. The whole political economy of our nation was built on this strive. Our nation prospered on the forced labor of slaves. The “purchase” of the city of New York our current economic capital from a Native American chief for 60 Guilders is another example of some of the actions on which these constant struggles were built. If you take note the word purchase is in quotes because as one born in a country like Ghana were land was never sold until our contact with Western cultures I know that Chief Seyseys of the Canarse did not really sell Manhattan to the Dutch Settlers.

Manhattan Island bought by Dutch Settlers in 1626 from Chief Seyseys of the Canarse for 60 Guilders

“New York City” by is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Truthfully though, to struggle is to be human, but we must however make every effort to elevate the conversation. As a speci we have dominated this universe that we know not by our struggles against each other but by our efforts at cooperation. We conquered the skies and developed wonders like airplanes because we allowed ourselves to build on each other’s successes. In like manner did we eradicate the scourge of smallpox from this world.

In today’s world we have many problems that we have the capability to conquer and bring into submission if we would capture this very important spirit of cooperation and work together. Today’s leaders must learn from leaders of yesteryears and understand that in our more interconnected world cooperation is even more important.

The beauty of this reality is that we stand to gain so much more when we work in an interdependent fashion. In the US this is an election year and we are prone to running into our safe corners of red and blue. If we want a better world we need to do better than that. This is my plan for 2020, and call on all those who want a better world for our children and grandchildren to take up this cross with me.

In 2020 we must all support good policies and efforts that touches our hearts. Let us try to forget about who or what ideology these policies developed from.

If our friends and colleagues say things that we disagree with, please let us not attack them for their beliefs. The question; “What makes you say that?” or “Why do you say so?” is not that hard.

For those of us who are religious, we must be aware that the best religion is that which brings us together not one that divides us. If your religious belief is making it difficult to relate to your brother or friend please make it a point to ask yourself what would my God want me to do now.

Those of us who want to bring everyone into our religious camp must learn that we can only achieve that by our own example not with laws and use of force.

Happiness comes when we can all live our lives in the way which feels right in our souls. Please be the change you want in this life and remember you may not have tomorrow all you have is now so always make the moment count.

Good Morning and Happy New Year.

By Dr. Leonard Sowah a physician in Baltimore, Maryland

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