Saving America From The Liberal Agenda one Justice at a Time

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Since the Obama presidency US conservatives have become more concerned about the country’s demographic trends. Many of these individuals have a nolstagic attachment to a way of life which albeit a fantasy appears to be quickly slipping away. To gain more control conservatives are working to drive our courts towards a more right wing conservative bent. The purpose of these efforts are mostly to push back cultural ideals that they believe are trending more liberal. Some of these changes include support for gender equity, women’s reproductive freedoms and gay rights.

With the passing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg the ideological underpinnings of our society are becoming more contentious. Efforts supported by conservative groups like the Alliance Defending Freedom to maintain a hold on moral values using the courts continue. This comes in the wake of an observed downward trend in the fraction of Americans professing any religious faith. A 2018 Pew Research survey reported a drop from 78% to 65% in the numbers of Americans professing to be Christian over the past decade.

There has been more than 13% drop in proportion of Americans who self identify as Christian. This is associated with a 10% increase in the proportion of the religiously unaffiliated: Source: Pew Research Center

Senate Majority Mitch McConnell (R-KY) whose political causes tend to be funded by individuals and groups making six, seven and eight figure donations for some reason appears to be fully committed to these efforts. Along with other conservative politicians, he has been working tirelessly to put young conservatives on judicial benches across the country. These efforts are also supported by organizations like the Federalist Society and the Judicial Crisis Network both funded by big money.

Theocracy by the Minority

The closest comparison to what these groups are attempting to achieve in the US is the situation in Iran today. In present day Iran only 4 out of 10 citizens believe religion should have a major role in government. A recent survey in 2020 revealed that only 37.2% of Iranians self identify as moslem 32.2% being Shia and the rest Sunni. It is thus very surprising that Iran is currently a religious theocracy with its laws based on the Islamic Sharia, sometimes enforced with inhuman cruelty.


Results of a 2020 Survey on Iranians Attitudes to Religion – Source: GAMAAN

This observed tendency for states to attempt to maintain religious values as the general population trends secular is fairly common. This is seen more commonly in multicultural societies. In most cases a racial or cultural minority uses religious conservatism to hold onto power well beyond their rightful ability to command political power.

In America today we have strong moralist conservative groups working very hard to pack the courts across the country with young conservative justices. Many of us assume this would result in moving popular culture towards the conservative realm. At this time, this is only a good assumption at best. Truthfully though, nobody knows what the results of an extremely conservative court would be. As the word “pussy” flows out of the lips of conservative politicians in their description of their liberal colleagues one can only wonder where all these culture wars will lead.

What are the consequences of cultural war politics?

There is one thing that I can however promise every American in these cultural war days. Economic, scientific and social development always suffers as we focus on these narrow cultural wars. Before we all get laser focused on these issues let us once again ask ourselves this question. “Who stands to benefit politically and financially from these cultural fights?”

I am still wondering why Texas energy industries and investment banks on Wall Street care so much about abortion and gay rights?!!

I do not have the answers to these questions. There are more answers in looking at those funding these groups than in counting the souls of our sexual and gender minorities and unborn babies saved from damnation.

By Dr. Leonard Sowah an internal medicine physician in Baltimore, Maryland


A physician providing primary medical care to patients across the lifespan