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The Symbol of Renewed White Identity and Common Purpose ?

A post on the xenophobic attitudes in Western societies today with a focus on the most recent New Zealand mosque attacks. The ray of hope offered by the New Zealand leadership and people was used in this feature as well as the reference to Donald Trump as a symbol of hope for a common purpose of whites.

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How my Views on Abortion Evolved! By Dr. Yaw Berko

I believe some issues are definitely first world problems. Women’s reproductive rights, unfortunately falls into that category. I have been amused at how abortion rights has so paralysed this nation to the extent the division it is creating can potentially lead to disastrous consequences on this great nation that needs to be “made great again.” […]

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Black Brother, are you safe?

For me my most favorite place in this world is my home, this does not hold true for my son though; he loves hotels. A few days ago I got the shock of my life. My whole world was turned upside down. As a black man in the US your safety is always a big […]

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How can we keep our friends and families safer whilst protecting the Second Amendment?

In a prior post I had dreamed of claiming my gun which I rightfully acquired as a citizen of this great nation. Unfortunately life always just appears to get in the way of the greatest ideas and like all great ideas that fateful journey to Arkansas for my gun has still not materialized. However, for […]

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Where is my gun ? American democracy and the 2nd Amendment

I recently read that America has about 270 – 310 million guns, and with a population estimate of 310 million, that is almost as many guns as for every man, woman and child in this country. That got me thinking and I eventually came to the conclusion that as an adult male who officially became a […]