Where is my gun ? American democracy and the 2nd Amendment

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I recently read that America has about 270 – 310 million guns, and with a population estimate of 310 million, that is almost as many guns as for every man, woman and child in this country. That got me thinking and I eventually came to the conclusion that as an adult male who officially became a US citizen about 10 years ago, I have earned myself a gun. Yes, like every male who grew up with movies like Rambo and Terminator both American movies by the way I love guns. Sure you heard me right, I do love guns, but I love life even more, that is one of the reasons I still do not own a gun. I have considered buying a gun ever since I entered the United States but as I see more of the carnage that guns could cause to the lives of real people, my love of this dangerous machine grows less and less. My greatest fear is that if these mass killings continue my ardent love for guns would eventually be doomed to an early grave.


There are two technological advances in the world that have piqued the male ego so much that manufacturers know the best way to market these is through the use of beautiful women. I have not attended a gun show yet but from what I have heard and read gun expos are never lacking for beautiful ladies strategically positioned to assist in the sale of guns to male and female gun enthusiasts. I sometimes wonder how many gay men own guns as compared to heterosexual males. That may be an interesting research subject sometime to come. I am not forgetting about cars, yes car shows and advertisements, especially the higher end more expensive kind shoot for the male ego to make men believe the expensive sports car is a great reflection of their masculinity. On this note though I must admit that nowadays it is becoming more and more unclear what a man’s man is supposed to do to prove himself.

In the days of yore when men were men and nobody cared about boys you needed to go into the forest and kill a lion without the assistance of an AR-15 or even lie about killing one to be given entry into that very exclusive club. In today’s world some boys are still scratching their heads trying to figure out what they have to do to gain acceptance into the club. I cannot say though that this is the cause of some of these mass shootings, but we can all see clearly that almost all the perpetrators of these mass shootings are male. The male ego is seeking something to assist us on our continuous quest for status.

Maasai Warrior with his lion kill

Anyway I would not digress, I need to demand my gun from America today so I can feel fully American, and this has nothing to do with me being male. It has been 10 years and I still do not have my gun. I know there is a gun for every man, woman and child in America today, and America is a democracy. If I am not wrong democracy means that each adult American gets one vote? Well then what about one American one gun!! Yes , if that is the case, then where is my gun?  I guess there is a guy probably somewhere in a state like Arkansas who has hoarded my gun. Today I have a lot to worry about, including getting killed by some white supremacist gun nut who may believe I do not have a right to call myself American so I have no plans of driving to Arkansas to claim ownership to the gun that I acquired just by virtue of my citizenship of the greatest country on earth.

Ten years ago just before Obama became president I drove across America from Baltimore city to San Francisco. I nearly bought a gun before starting my trip but did not do so at the last moment. Now as I plan my drive to Arkansas to claim my gun I am still considering buying one, but what is the point of buying one when I already have one somewhere in a barn in Arkansas. To my America brother who is keeping my gun safe in Arkansas, please make sure it is safe without any bullets, I do not want my gun killing any man or any other creature before I hold it in my arms. I don’t believe I can live with myself knowing my gun took a life; that would certainly break my heart.  I would surely let you now when I set off to come claim my gun so you have it all cleaned and oiled for me.


By Dr. Leonard Sowah, an internal medicine physician in Baltimore, Maryland 


A physician providing primary medical care to patients across the lifespan