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Recreational and Medical Marijuana use Today, Are we ready for the change?

In the past decade several states have put laws in place to legalize marijuana use to various degrees. Whilst these changes are very much welcome federal laws at this time still classifies marijuana as an illegal substance and there are still many individuals doing jail time for various violations of marijuana statutes in both federal […]

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The war on drugs; who won that war?

I first saw her in my clinic seeking care for HIV but when we first met like most patients with her medical condition she was not an ideal patient. The decision to start her on ART Antiretroviral therapy in those days when the only single tablet regimen was Atripla (Tenofovir/Emtrictabine/Efavirenz) was not an easy one […]

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Most of us have heard of the use of chicken soup to cure common cold or flu symptoms, today I decided to do a literature search to determine if there is any evidence supporting this common recommendation.  I can promise you that if chicken soup were produced by a drug company that companies stock will […]