A You Tube user writes to break myths and misconceptions on virginity test which have been used to destroy and destabilize the lives of many young women. In this post the writer summarizes his research on social implications of this fairly widespread practice.


Marijuana legislation has evolved over the past decade. More and more states have laws that support recreational or medical marijuana use. In the setting of a federal laws that still schedule this cannabis and other extracts from the plant as schedule I there is still a long way to go for full legalization.

I first saw her in my clinic seeking care for HIV but when we first met like most patients with her medical condition she was not an ideal patient. The decision to start her on ART Antiretroviral therapy in those days when the only single tablet regimen was Atripla (Tenofovir/Emtrictabine/Efavirenz)Continue Reading

Most of us have heard of the use of chicken soup to cure common cold or flu symptoms, today I decided to do a literature search to determine if there is any evidence supporting this common recommendation.  I can promise you that if chicken soup were produced by a drugContinue Reading

Over the years laws on cannabis use have changed. Most of these changes were not based on any strong levels of evidence but were based on social perception. In this article I seek to highlight some of the issues associated with these changes and address the potential benefits of more liberal legislation on cannabis.