The S Word; Suicide Say it

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The “S” Word: Say it❗

Say it aloud to yourself, “SUICIDE”!

Don’t whisper it.

If you are embarrassed to say it, you won’t be able to speak about it.

If you are embarrassed to say it, you won’t be able to discuss it with your family, your children, or peers.

Do you still believe “attempters” “committed” a crime?

Do you believe they are “weak”?

The highest risk for suicide is a previous attempt

The No.1 cause of Suicide attempt is a (Clinical) Depressive Episode

Would you know if you are having one? It’s not all about “Feelings”:

Changes in pattern of
**” Thinking” – gloom & doom
** “Feelings” – No joy
** Body function – ( sleep,appetite,energy)
and behavior( Activity,including sexual activity)

**Persist for weeks or more

**Significant impact on your peace of mind or essential functions (job, relationships, school)

Even now, many have gone through bouts in their lifetime and did not recognize: (average age of onset 14yrs.)

Each bout takes “something’ out of your “future.”

BUT, you know what? –

There is Hope❗❗

Get help: talk to any health professional

Relay ALL, not just SOME of the changes.

It matters!

And you are worth it!πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ’ͺ

September 10th is Suicide Prevention Awareness Day: Speak it to yourself and someone else.

By Dr. Jemimah Kankam, is a psychiatrist and mental health advocate who practices in Baltimore, MD


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